Vladimír Kokolia

  • 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • 16+
  • Ikon Gallery

This will be the first UK exhibition of work by Vladimír Kokolia, the renowned Czech artist who established himself on the international circuit at Documenta 9, 1992. A combination of new and recent paintings, the show exemplifies an intensely experimental attitude that distils abstraction from everyday experience.

Kokolia is very alive to the possibility of epiphanies, seemingly unremarkable events that give rise to a kind of weaving of wonder.

“I usually paint some snapshot, some distinctly illuminated scene I glimpse somewhere, even peripherally, and which then remains in my head. It tends to have a differing measure of concreteness and resolution, but it always carries light in a unique way … My paintings may look like lianas, mazes, or winding footpaths but they have a source somewhere else. Their mesh is nothing but a screen through which the image percolates during the painting process.”
Vladimír Kokolia


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