Prop Culture #2

  • 8:00pm - 12:00am
  • 18+
  • Wolf Suit
  • Mantra
  • Trees & Queens


The first show of 2018 for fresh new monthly gig night ‘Prop Culture’ - presenting the finest local bands for you to awkwardly nod along to in the lovely setting of Backhaus&Co; at Fargo Village.

Pay what you want on the door !

February’s show includes…

Wolf Suit /

“Electric avant-garde desert psyche rock quartet”


Mantra /

“a bunch of lava lamp staring, Mario Kart sweating and bong water drinking geezers who combine their love for Psychedelic Rock with a low-fi A e s t h e t i c c, bashing out tune after choon in their lounge since early 2017. Watch out for fuzzy riffs, spacey chords and a new EP ‘Blue Dream’ out now!!”


Trees & Queens /

“an alt-rock two piece formed in late 2014, fusing fuzz-drenched guitars, colossal drums and carefully crafted melodies to create a 2-person sound that hasn’t been heard before. Inspired by the classic punk ethos - they combine fierce live performances with a strong DIY attitude and an extreme passion for what they believe in”


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