• 11:00am - 5:00pm
  • 18+
  • 62 Group

Private View
20th July - 6pm - 8pm
Meet the artists and curators from 62 Group at the opening of their new exhibition.

The creative tension between accomplished skill, experimentation and the development of new ideas, provides the starting point for Ctrl/Shift.The exhibition enables participating artists to explore projects which manifest as transformations in their practice.
Ctrl/Shift will take shifts and changes as its theme, in particular it is centred on artists whose practice is or has transformed, in small or large ways, especially towards expressions of innovation in textile art. These shifts may be around changing attitudes to control; the introduction of new materials and techniques; and/or the impact of innovative ideas and evolving technologies.
The exhibition concept has been developed in partnership with the 62 Group and independent curator Liz Cooper. Exhibiting artists will be revealed in February.

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