Of the City

  • 1:00pm - 4:00pm
  • 16+
  • Future of the Creative Industries

Come and share something you’d like to discuss, in relation to the theme: ‘The Future of the Creative Industries’. Perhaps you want to chat about Afrofuturism, design thinking in schools, automation and digital, parenting in the gig economy, new economic models, or something completely different. You decide. This event brings the collective intelligence, capacity, experiences and resources into a space so we can design the future together. Conversations are directed however members wish, so that solutions become tangible and relationships form of their own accord.

Of the City is a gathering and open forum, for anyone who cares about the city, is passionate about culture or who has an interest in the creative industries. You might be a student or educator, an avid theatre-goer, museum lover or be working professionally in the sector. Perhaps you attend a festival or two or you might just be a proud West Midlands-er.

How it works:

‘Of the City’ is a relaxed salon-type event. It’s open forum style is designed to allow members to be comfortable sharing challenges, needs, thoughts and hopes they have, free from judgement or expectation.

Each event is themed, with the context framed by MAIA, in relation to their ‘artist-friendly city’ work. The session opens with provocations or questions, offered by anyone in the space who wants to instigate a discussion with fellow members. An ‘agenda’ is formed from these collected discussion points. Each member decides on their own itinerary and can move between groups however they please.

Those who offer provocations host a session at their chosen time and decide how to document their discussion in whatever way is most useful. Documentation is collected at the end and shared online.


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