Bohemian Rhapsody on Outdoor Cinema

  • 7:00pm - 11:00pm
  • 18+
  • Open Air Film and Chill Birmingham

2018 WAS AN AMAZING YEAR, with over 17000 people coming to our events. As always, this year we go bigger and better, More romantic dates, more special occasions, more girly gossip or a fun get together for the family. We plan to accommodate everyone and entertain everyone making ONE NIGHT of memories under the stars. Open Air Film & Chill is the perfect way to enjoy a movie as the sunsets on warm/dry evening, the best environment known to man. After 3 years in the business we feel we know how to make a magical evening for everyone.

As always we’ve created the event at the start of the year to get us through the last leg of winter … For now just show your interested or going, we will start arranging the events, Participate in all polls as we narrow down the film title, will it be THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, STAR IS BORN, Mamma mia 2…. WHO KNOWS?

The date and location may change but this will be one of the first things set in stone as we need this to apply for the film license.

This year we introduce our BRAND NEW LED SCREEN (to show films in the daylight) which will only be used for the kids screening before the night time screening at some of the locations we go to, keep your eyes peeled.

There will be pillows and blankets to hire out.
WEATHER: This event will go ahead in rain or shine, so be prepared. Only in high winds and heavy rain will we reschedule the event.

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