• 11:00pm - 6:00am
  • 18+
  • Octopus Invasion
Joy Orbison / Saorise / re:ni

Holding Hands Showcase
Desert Sound Colony
Adam Pits

The Darrs
Dr. Baird

On January 29 2019 we received a gurgling transmission from the Cosmos Redshift 7 galaxy from an unknown green planet. Early interpretations of the signal lead us to believe a colony of land-dwelling Octopuses inhabit its deep jungle and unforgiving mangroves. Curious to know more, a team of top space•lab scientists worked through the night and discovered bass-heavy soundwaves resonating through space. A space probe was sent down and sample was obtained which contained a high level of acidity and psychedelia. This could only mean one thing so contact was made… We’re heading in…

...with bags of bangers packed from some of Earth’s finest DJs: Joy Orbison, Saoirse and re:ni. There’ll be a Holding Hands Showcase with fresh-from-smashing-Panorama-Bar Desert Sound Colony plus Leeds beat-scientists Breaka and Adam Pits. Repping the hometown, The Darrs make their intergalactic debut and space•lab’s flight controller, Dr. Baird, finishes the bill.

Join us at spacelab: Octopus Invasion on March 22.

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