Multi art-form international collaboration featuring artistes from Pakistan and Birmingham

  • 7:45pm - 12:00pm
  • All ages
  • The Rep

The Indus Valley, one of the ‘cradles of civilisations’, has witnessed the biggest mass migrations in human history leading to the ‘Partition’ in 1947, the creation of Bangladesh in 1971 and post-war migration to Britain. Peoples of the Indian subcontinent have been on an epic journey and this pilot production traces the paths taken across, through and beyond the boundaries of time and space by the peoples of Pakistan.

Weaving together text, spoken word, sound-scapes, dance, visual projections and live music, Sigh Of The Musaafir is a cutting-edge international collaboration featuring artistes from Pakistan and Birmingham, including award-winning folk singer, Arif Lohar, writer and singer Arieb Azhar, dancer and choreographer Suhaee Abro, qawwali singer Azhar Hussain, rapper Roach-Killa and an ensemble of stellar musicians.

Director Mukhtar Dar
Associate Director Arieb Azhar
Music Simon Duggal


This event is part of the launch of the Transforming Narratives Project - a three-year initiative which aims to establish Birmingham as a leading international centre for contemporary South Asian arts practice for the mutual benefit of Birmingham and cities in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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