DHP Family Proudly Presents... Kofi Stone

  • 7:30pm - 11:00pm
  • 18+
  • Kofi Stone

Though rapper Kofi Stone hails from London, his music is embellished with elements of 90’s NYC. Both Stone’s new single “Same Old” and its accompanying video give off an immensely strong Wu/Mobb Deep/Illmatic vapors in all the best ways. If you’re a head, you’ve lived this tale of striving “from the belly of the beast” to a “top that’s out of reach”; heard the mournful piano that provides the stripped-down, boom-bap beat’s only tonal accompaniment; and seen the video of a family trapped in a home, evoking both comfort and claustrophobia. Stone’s next level lyricism on this latest diamond of a tune ‘Same Old’ is hip hop perfection, minimalist subtle changes to the same instrumental loop throughout fluidly blending with Stone’s subject matter. Plus a video that’s so beautifully human that it hurts. 10/10.

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